Startup Manager

A utility to manage all your startup programs etc Windows

Startup Manager

Startup Manager makes it simple to choose which programs, software etc start when Windows starts. Too many programs starting on boot up can slow your PC down, and it could be a long wait before your PC is usable.

With Startup Manager, you can:

  • Disable / enable any of the programs that run on your PC at startup.
  • Monitor and allow / deny any program that tries to start with Windows - Startup Manager can remember your choice if you want it to.
  • Find out what each program is and whether it is harmful or necessary using the 'identify' feature.
  • Delay programs on start up - this allows you to spread out the startup programs, so they don't all try to run simultaneously.
  • Only run programs when the CPU is idle - this option ensures the CPU is not 'overloaded' when the PC boots up and can fix a common bug of missing icons from the system tray.
  • Move unused programs to the 'Deleted' area which reduces clutter without loosing the program details (should you wish to run the programs at a later date).
  • Manually run any of the programs listed.
  • Create unlimited profiles - you can have different profiles for different users or tasks which will load different programs selectively.
  • Backup and restore all the Startup Manager settings.
  • Import settings from "Startup Control Panel".

Please read the included readme file before using this software.

Download v1.0.3

First release version.

Download v1.0.4

27th May 2008: Bugfix.


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