Picture Resizer

A utility for resizing and cropping multiple image filesWindows

Picture Resizer

Picture Resizer makes resizing and cropping one or more images a breeze. Resizing tens or hundreds of images is no more difficult than resizing one. Image files produced by modern digital cameras tend to be much larger than the native resolutions of most electronic devices - Picture Resizer helps to fit the maximum number of images on the target device and display them without distortion.

Picture Resizer has many uses, possible applications include:

  • Down sizing images for sending via email, which helps keep the overall size down and makes sure the recipient's inbox isn't overloaded.
  • Creating thumbnail images for websites etc.
  • Converting multiple files for Digital Picture/Photo Frames, MP3 players, mobile phones or any other devices with image viewing capabilities.

The main advantages of Picture Resizer over other similar software tools are:

  • Image size presets are used (which can be user-defined) to speed up changes between dimensions. Very useful when you have several devices with different screen sizes.
  • The ability to rename files using date and time information - handy for sorting image files by date.
  • The option to confirm cropping settings with each image - vital for images that are different in composition or subject.
  • Letterboxing with user-defined colours.
Download v1.0.0

First release version.

Download v1.0.2

Beta release version (no new bugs reported since release).

New features include:

  1. Attempt at a decimal picture size bug fix.
  2. Proper viewport with sliders.
  3. Advanced custom crop settings: centered zoom, grid, rulers, different units & preview mask.
  4. Extended file types (now includes bitmap: GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF & ICO).
  5. Transparent colour import.
  6. Fewer dependencies.

Known limitations:

  1. Image transparency is not retained.
  2. Large files (with dimensions of approx. 4000+ by 4000+ pixels) may have trouble loading.
  3. This version does not display images correctly in Windows Vista - this will hopefully be addressed in the next version
Download v1.0.4

Beta release version. Please note that I am still awaiting feedback on this version, so there may be undiscovered bugs.

New features include:

  1. Now supports Windows Vista!
  2. Revamped interface.
  3. Improved custom cropping.
  4. Custom crop settings: center on crop, centre on picture.

Known limitations:

  1. Image transparency is not retained.
  2. Very large files may have trouble loading.

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